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Product Name: Sorbsan Silver Plus Self Adhesive
Classification Name: Dressing Calcium Alginate with Silver and Viscose
Manufacturer: Aspen Medical Europe



Sorbsan Silver Plus SA is a multi-component dressing. The wound contact layer consists of a layer of alginate fibre containing 1.5% silver in an ionic form which may give the normally white alginate fleece a mottled light brown appearance.

The alginate fleece is bonded to a thin layer of absorbent viscose fibres containing a super absorbent in particulate form. The resulting low profile absorbent pad is located centrally on a thin cream-coloured polyurethane foam sheet which extends past the edges of the pad forming a self adhesive island dressing.

When in contact with serum, wound exudate, or solutions containing sodium ions, the insoluble calcium alginate forming the wound contact surface is partially converted to the soluble sodium salt, and a hydrophilic gel is produced, which overlays the wound and provides a micro-environment that is believed to facilitate wound healing.

As the alginate fibres absorb liquid, silver ions are released which impart an antimicrobial effect to the gel formed within the local wound environment. Fluid taken up by the dressing is retained in the form of a gel by the super-absorbent and held within the viscose layer. The polyurethane backing, which is permeable to air and moisture vapour, prevents strikethrough and acts as a bacterial barrier whilst being 'shower-proof'.


Sorbsan Silver Plus SA is indicated for the treatment of moderately-heavily exuding wounds of all types when infection is present or suspected including leg ulcers and pressure areas.


As the dressing is designed for the treatment of exuding wounds, it will be of little value if applied to wounds that are very dry or covered with hard black necrotic tissue. If the wound is too dry for the dressing, dressings may need to be irrigated with saline solution during removal. Sorbsan Silver Plus SA should also not be used on individuals who are known to be sensitive to silver. When using Sorbsan Silver Plus, avoid contact with electrodes/conductive gels. Do not use during administration of radiotherapy doses or MRI scans.

Method of use

A suitably-sized piece of Sorbsan Silver Plus SA is selected which is large enough to ensure that the central absorbent pad overlaps the wound margin. The wound is first prepared in accordance with local protocols and after thoroughly drying the peri-wound skin, the dressing is carefully applied taking care to avoid stretching or applying it under tension. Sorbsan Silver Plus SA does not require the use of secondary dressings.

Frequency of Change

The interval between dressing changes will depend entirely upon the state of the wound. For very heavily exuding wounds, where daily dressing change are required, the use of an alternative product should be considered such as the non-adhesive Sorbsan Silver Plus. This is to avoid the need to remove adhesive dressing on a daily basis which could lead to possible problems of skin trauma.


Wounds that show signs of clinical infection dressed with Sorbsan Silver Plus SA, should be carefully monitored and systemic antibiotic therapy considered if the infection does not resolve.


The dressings are presented individually packed in peel pouches, sterilised by ethylene oxide.



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Further information on obtaining Aspen Medical Europe products is available on the Aspen Medical Europe web site.

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