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Product Name: Geliperm granulated gel
Classification Name: Dressing Hydrogel, Granulated
Manufacturer: Geistlich Sons Ltd


Geliperm Granulated Gel contains agar, polyacrylamide, and 93.5% water. It has been reduced by a milling process to an amorphous mass, which is presented in a collapsible plastic tube. In this form, the gel is able to absorb up to six times its own weight of wound exudate and cavities produced within the granular structure can also take up bacteria, pus, and cell debris, by capillary action.


Geliperm Granulated Gel is used for the treatment of discharging cavities and other cratered defects, such as pressure sores and traumatic infected wounds. Infected surgical wounds of limited area that have been laid open to heal by secondary intention may also be treated with the gel.


Geliperm Granulated Gel should only be introduced into deep cavities and sinuses if their full extent is known.

Geliperm products should not be applied to infected wounds.

Method of use

When Geliperm Granulated Gel is used, the wound should first be cleansed with a suitable sterile solution (such as normal saline), and any wound debris removed - as far as possible - either mechanically or surgically. The tip of the nozzle of the plastic tube is removed and the gel introduced into the wound, filling it to approximately one-third to one-half of its depth, depending upon the amount of exudate produced. The wound is then covered with a dry dressing held in place with tape or a bandage, as appropriate.

Care should be taken to ensure that the secondary dressing will not prevent the gel swelling in the wound as it absorbs exudate, or areas of high pressure could occur, causing pain and further tissue damage. When the wound is re-dressed, the gel may be removed by irrigation with sterile normal saline (using a syringe), or washed off in the bath.

Frequency of Change

The gel should be changed as often as the condition of the wound dictates, but as a general rule it should be replaced in clean wounds after about 2-3 days. If the wound is infected or contains slough or necrotic tissue, daily changes may be required.


Geliperm dressings should not be applied to wounds that show evidence of clinical infection, unless the product is first soaked in a solution of an appropriate water-soluble antimicrobial agent. When Geliperm Granulated Gel is introduced into deep wounds, care should be taken to ensure that all the dressing is removed at each change.


Geliperm Granulated Gel is presented in a soft plastic tube, sterilised by ethylene oxide.


Geliperm Granulated Gel should be stored in a cool place.


20 g tube

50 g tube

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