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Product Name: K-Band
Classification Name: Knitted Polyamide and Cellulose Contour Bandage BP
Manufacturer: Parema Ltd


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K-BAND consists of a lightweight knitted fabric containing 64% viscose, and 36% nylon. Due to its knitted structure, the bandage is highly conformable in use.


K-BAND should be used as a conforming bandage to hold dressings in place. For this application it represents a highly cost effective alternative to the cotton conforming bandages traditionally used for this purpose. It is a multi-purpose bandage which makes it well suited for accident and emergency departments and general ward use.


K-BAND is not suitable for the application of support or pressure and should therefore not be used to apply external compression in the treatment of leg ulcers caused by venous insufficiency.

Method of use

The bandage is applied over the primary dressing using standard bandaging techniques such as figure of eight or a spiral.

Frequency of Change

The bandage may generally be left undisturbed until the primary dressing requires attention.


K-BAND is presented individually shrink-wrapped.


5 cm 4.5 m (stretched)*

7 cm 4.5 m (stretched)*

10 cm 4.5 m (stretched)*

15 cm 4.5 m (stretched)*

* available on Drug Tariff

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