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Product Name: K-Lite
Classification Name: Bandage Light Support (Type 2)
Manufacturer: Parema Ltd


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K-Lite consists of a white knitted conformable fabric containing 93% viscose, 4% nylon and 3% elastomeric yarn.


K-Lite may be used to provide light support in the management of sprains and strains and to give some support to injured joints.


K-Lite is not suitable for the application of pressure and therefore should not be used alone to apply external compression in the treatment of leg ulcers caused by venous insufficiency. K-Lite should be used with caution on patients who have marked ischaemia or impaired arterial blood supply.

Method of use

The bandage is applied to the affected area using a standard bandaging technique such as a figure of eight or a spiral.

Frequency of Change

The bandage may generally be left undisturbed for as long as practicable.


K-Lite should never be applied at full stretch or with excessive tension in situations where it might cause a tourniquet effect or interfere with blood flow.


K-Lite is presented individually shrink-wrapped.


5 cm 4.5 m (stretched)

7 cm 4.5 m (stretched)

10 cm 4.5 m (stretched)

15 cm 4.5 m (stretched)

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Revision No 1.4
Revision date1997/12/16

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