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Product Name: Lyofoam 'A'
Classification Name: Dressing Polyurethane Foam, Island, Self-adhesive
Manufacturer: Seton Healthcare Group plc


Lyofoam `A' consists of a piece of Lyofoam, bonded around the perimeter to the centre of an adhesive polyurethane foam backing layer to form an island dressing. The backing layer is both waterproof and moisture vapour permeable. Lyofoam `A' has many of the properties of Lyofoam, maintaining a warm, moist environment at the surface of the wound, but as the dressing is self-adhesive, no tape or bandages are required to retain it in position.

Lyofoam `A' is presented with the adhesive surface covered with a siliconised release paper. This is divided into two halves, each of which is folded to facilitate removal from the dressing.


Lyofoam `A' may be applied to a variety of exuding wounds, including leg and decubitus ulcers, sutured wounds, burns and donor sites. It is particularly useful for dressing wounds such as sacral pressure sores where the waterproof retention layer will prevent contamination of the wound by incontinent patients.


No absolute contra-indications to the use of Lyofoam `A' have been reported, but the dressing should not be applied to wounds that are covered with a dry scab or hard, black necrotic tissue, until this has been removed surgically or by some other means. The dressing should not be used where the condition of the skin surrounding the wound is poor and friable as the adhesive may damage the tissue on removal.

Method of use

One half of the release paper is removed and the dressing is placed over the wound area and pressed firmly in position, ensuring that the central island overlaps the edges of the wound by 2-3 cm. The second half of the release paper is then removed and the rest of the dressing is smoothed down into place. Secondary absorbent dressings are not required, but a compression bandage may be applied if appropriate.

Frequency of Change

The frequency with which the dressing should be changed depends entirely upon the nature and condition of the wound. On very dirty or sloughy wounds, twice daily changes may be required initially; but as the amount of exudate decreases, the interval between dressing changes may be increased - up to a week as appropriate.


Lyofoam A is individually packed in paper/poly/foil/poly peelable pouches, sterilised by gamma irradiation.


9 cm 9 cm

15 cm 15 cm

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