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Product Name: Mesitran
Classification Name: Dressing hydrogel sheet with honey
Manufacturer: Theo Manufacturing BV, UK Distributor Aspen Medical Europe Ltd



Mesitran consists of a hydrogel sheet approximately 1mm thick attached to a semi polyurethane membrane by means of a thin fibrous bonding layer. The hydrogel, which is capable of absorbing seven times its own weight of wound fluid, contains 30% of medical grade honey. The osmotic properties of the honey are such that they impart antimicrobial properties to the dressing. The highly conformable polyurethane film backing layer acts as bacterial barrier and the hydrogel layer feels cool to the touch which makes the dressing well suited for the treatment of superficial burns.


Mesitran is indicated for chronic wounds, such as: pressure ulcers; first and second degree burns; venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers and fungating wounds. It is also indicated for acute wounds such as donor sites, surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions.The dressing also controls the loss of moisture from a wound and so facilitates autolytic debridement.


Mesitran is contraindicated for the treatment of full thickness burns, infected wounds, highly exuding wounds, deep narrow cavities and sinuses. It should not be used on individuals who are known to be sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Method of use

A suitably-sized piece of Mesitran is selected which is large enough to ensure that it overlaps the wound margin by approximately 2.5 cm. The wound is first prepared in accordance with local protocols and after drying the peri-wound skin, the paper backing layer is removed and the dressing is applied, held in place with tape or a bandage as appropriate.

Frequency of Change

The interval between dressing changes will depend entirely upon the state of the wound. Dependent upon the amount of exudate the dressing can remain in place for up to five days. When the amount of exudate is very high, one should change the dressing more frequently.


Mesitran should be discontinued in wounds that develop signs of clinical infection. In such situation, an alternative dressing (Mesitran Ointment, or Mesitran Ointment S) should be applied.


The dressings are presented individually packed in peel pouches, sterilised by radiation.



1. A review of the wound healing properties of honey can be found here


Further information on obtaining Aspen Medical Europe products is available on the Aspen Medical Europe web site.

Further information on obtaining Mesitran products is available on the Mesitran web site.

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