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Product Name: Mesorb
Classification Name: Low-adherent absorbent dressing
Manufacturer: Mölnlycke Health Care


Mesorb is an absorbent, low-adherent dressing. It contains an absorbent core of cellulose pulp, sandwiched between a non-woven polypropylene wound contact layer and a textured fluid repellent non-woven backing layer shown in section here The edges of the pad are sealed to prevent the loss of fibres from the absorbent core.


The hydrophobic backing prevents strike-through and thus protects clothing or bed linen from contamination by wound fluid.

The lightweight polypropylene wound contact layer is not absorbent, and therefore will not take up blood or exudate, although it will allow fluid to pass freely into the dressing. It also acts as an interface layer which reduces the possibility of the dressing from adhering to a drying wound.


The dressing is designed to absorb and retain large volumes of wound exudate and is therefore indicated for the treatment of most types of moderate to heavily exuding wounds. Mesorb may be used either as a primary dressing or as a secondary absorbent layer to improve the fluid handling properties of other primary dressings such as Mepitel, or those made from alginate or carboxy-methylcellulose fibres. Mesorb may be used under compression bandaging although the fluid handling properties will be reduced when the dressing is subjected to pressure.


The manufacturers have identified no absolute contra-indications to the use of Mesorb.

Method of use

If clinically indicated, the wound should be cleaned in accordance with current nursing practice, and the surrounding skin thoroughly dried. A suitable primary dressing should be placed on the surface of the wound if required and a suitably sized Mesorb applied, ensuring an overlap of at least one centimetre on to the surrounding skin. Once in position the dressing may be held in place with a bandage or other suitable retention aid.

Frequency of Change

The interval between changes will normally be determined by the amount of exudate produced. If the condition of the wound deteriorates, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.


The presence of clinical infection does not preclude the use of Mesorb provided that the dressing is changed frequently and appropriate antimicrobial therapy is also provided. Mesorb should not be used on individuals with a known sensitivity to the dressing or one of its components. The dressing must not be cut, or shaped to fit around drains etc., as this will lead to the loss of cellulose pulp.


Mesorb is supplied individually wrapped in paper peel pouches, sterilised by ethylene oxide.


Mesorb is available in a range of sizes as follows:


Further information on obtaining Mölnlycke Health Care products is available on the Mölnlycke Health Care web site.

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