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Product Name: Micropore
Classification Name: Tape Permeable, Non-Woven Synthetic Adhesive
Manufacturer: 3M Health Care Ltd


Micropore consists of a conformable, non-extensible non-woven fabric manufactured from 100% viscose, coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. The tape is easily torn to length. Once applied to the skin, Micropore will withstand limited exposure to water without losing all of its adhesive properties. Because the tape is permeable to both water and water vapour, it will allow the passage of sweat and secretions from the surface of the body to the environment, preventing maceration of the skin.

The tape is radio-transparent, and may be sterilised by ethylene oxide. It is suggested that, if sterile tape is required, strips are removed from the roll and laid over a suitable carrier for introduction into the chamber of the ethylene oxide steriliser. It is important to ensure that any tape so sterilised is adequately aerated before use. Sterilisation of intact rolls of tape is not recommended.


Micropore may be used for most general purpose applications, but it is most commonly used for dressing retention on non-flexing areas. As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives based upon zinc oxide, rubber, or resin.


Although there are no absolute contra-indications to the use of Micropore, it should (like most tapes) be used with caution on patients who have very fragile skin, such as those on long-term steroid therapy.


It should not be necessary to use skin tackifiers, such as tincture of benzoin, with Micropore. The tape is not extensible, and therefore care should be taken to ensure that it is not applied under tension (which could cause damage to the skin by exerting a shearing force).


The tape is presented in rolls, individually wrapped


In common with all adhesive products, Micropore should be stored in a dry place, and not subjected to extremes of temperature.


1.25 cm × 10 m 2.5 cm × 5 m*

2.5 cm × 10 m 5.0 cm × 5 m*

5.0 cm × 10 m 1.25 cm × 9.14 m ¶

7.5 cm × 10 m 2.5 cm × 9.14 m ¶

1.2 cm × 5 m* 5.0 cm × 9.14 m ¶

* available on Drug Tariff


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