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Product Name: Silicone N-A
Classification Name: Dressing, Knitted Viscose, Silicone Impregnated.
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd


Silicone N-A consists of a knitted fabric sheet made from continuous monofilament viscose yarns on to which has been polymerised a silicone coating.

The dressing is designed to act as a low adherence primary wound contact layer that may be easily removed from the surface of a granulating wound without causing pain or trauma. The silicone coating does not occlude the pores of the fabric but allows free drainage of exudate from the wound thus preventing tissue maceration.


Silicone N-A dressing is indicated for use on ulcerative and other granulating wounds i.e., leg ulcers, pressure sores, burns, cuts and abrasions.


No contra-indications to the use of Silicone N-A have been reported.

Method of use

Silicone N-A dressing should be placed lightly on the wound using an aseptic technique. An absorbent secondary dressing is generally then applied, kept in place with surgical tape or a bandage as appropriate.

Frequency of Change

The secondary dressing can be changed as often as required, leaving the Silicone N-A in position. Frequent changes of Silicone NA are not required


The dressing is presented in a peel pouch sterilised by irradiation.


The dressing should be stored in a cool place. The shelf life is three years.


9.5 cm 9.5 cm

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