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Product Name: Tegapore
Classification Name: Dressing, Polyamide Net, Woven
Manufacturer: 3M Health Care Ltd


Tegapore consists of a woven polyamide net which is hot rolled to produce a uniform material with a precisely defined fibre diameter and pore size. The dressing acts as a low adherence wound contact layer and the pores, which are 90 microns in diameter, allow the passage of exudate from the wound to a secondary absorbent dressing of choice.


Tegapore may be applied to partial and full thickness wounds, deep dermal burns , donor sites (after haemostasis achieved), traumatic and chronic wounds and dermatological lesions . Providing it is not allowed to dry out Tegapore will not adhere to the underlying tissue upon removal.


There are no absolute contra-indications to the use of Tegapore, but it is inadvisable to use it on dry wounds or wounds containing very viscous exudate without rehydration with a suitable hydrogel.

Method of use

Tegapore is applied directly to the wound and should overlap the edges by at least 5mm. A secondary absorbent dressing is then applied, held in place with tape or a bandage as appropriate. This secondary dressing may be changed several times before the Tegapore needs to be replaced. Tegapore may be moistened with a sterile solution of normal saline prior to use if required.

Tegapore can be used in conjunction with amorphous hydrogels and topical creams, and as the dressing is partially transparent, the wound may be monitored with the net in place.

Frequency of Change

Depending upon the condition of the wound, Tegapore can be left in place for extended periods; on clean wounds, up to 14 days is not unusual. If the wound contains significant quantities of slough more frequent changes are desirable.

If necessary Tegapore may be moistened with normal saline to facilitate removal.


Pack Shot Individually wrapped in peel pouches and sterilised by gamma irradiation.


7.5 cm 10 cm

7.5 cm 20 cm

20.0 cm 25 cm

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