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Product Name: Transpore
Classification Name: Tape Permeable, Plastic, Synthetic Adhesive BP
Manufacturer: 3M Health Care Ltd


Transpore consists of an extensible, perforated plastic film composed of low density polyethylene, coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. The perforations in the tape serve a dual function: they allow the passage of water vapour from the skin (reducing the possibility of maceration and bacterial proliferation), and enable the tape to be torn easily in both directions. Transpore can be worn in the bath or shower, but after exposure to wet conditions it should be patted dry with a towel. The permeability of the tape is such that its performance is unlikely to be significantly affected by sweating.

The tape is radio-transparent, and may be sterilised by ethylene oxide. It is suggested that, if sterile tape is required, strips are removed from the roll and laid over a suitable carrier for introduction into the chamber of an ethylene oxide steriliser. It is important to ensure that any tape so sterilised is adequately aerated before use. Sterilisation of intact rolls of tape is not recommended.


Although Transpore may be used for most general purpose taping applications, its elasticity and flexibility make it particularly well suited for securing dressings on areas that are subject to movement, and for securing catheters, and anaesthetic and other forms of surgical tubing. As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives containing rubber, or resin.


Although there are no absolute contra-indications to the use of Transpore, it should (like most tapes) be used with caution on patients who have very fragile skin, such as those on long-term steroid therapy.


It should not be necessary to use skin tackifiers, such as tincture of benzoin, with Transpore. The tape is both extensible and elastic, which makes it well suited for anchoring tubes or dressings to difficult body contours. If applied with excess tension, however, the elastic regain in the tape could lead to the production of a tourniquet effect, or cause damage to the skin by shearing. As with all plastic tapes, Transpore should be applied with the minimum possible tension.



In common with all adhesive products, Transpore should be stored in a dry place, and not subjected to extremes of temperature.


1.25 cm 9.14 m

2.50 cm 9.14 m

5.00 cm 9.14 m

7.50 cm 9.14 m

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